Who we are

We live in an age when the line between humans and machines is blurring faster than ever before.

Canadian author Margaret Atwood argues that there is no singular future, but rather there are multiple possible futures. The one we get is up to us.

Many people are making the case that how we harness machine intelligence will play an important role in determining which future we get.

Brainmaven is developing machine intelligence tools and products that we think will contribute to a future that enables widespread flourishing.

The popular film, The Social Dilemma, describes how machine intelligence can be used to manipulate human behavior in ways that may be counterproductive with respect to flourishing.

In contrast, we are building machine intelligence to help people make decisions that are better for their own flourishing - and for society.

We develop machine intelligence to enhance decision-making under uncertainty.

We are exploring new frontiers of the human-machine division of labor in terms of the provision of machine prediction combined with human judgment for enhanced decision-making.

Our approach is unique. We work at the intersection of economics and machine learning. Our approach is predicated on ideas explained in the book Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence. Ajay Agrawal, one of the authors of the book, is the founder of Brainmaven.

What we do

We are developing our own generalized AI-enhanced decision-making product in-house. In addition, we support enterprises on designing and building AI strategies that enhance their business and human flourishing.

We are hiring!

If you are interested in joining a team of creative innovators who enjoy building novel models to enhance decision-making, then please send us your details here.